Wedding FAQ

How long have you been a photographer?

I've been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. From commercial and editorial work to corporate events and weddings, I’ve worked with a wide range of photography clients during that time.

How would you describe your photographic style?

My style is a mixture of my photojournalist training with my commercial, fashion, and editorial photography experience. My approach is to blend in (with your guests) and capture your day as it unfolds, documenting the moments and emotions that naturally occur throughout the day. I am very low-key, patient, and positive, and I aim to ensure that people walk away with a positive experience, rather than feeling that it was an intrusion to have a photographer there.

Who is your typical client?

My typical clients are couples searching for a photographer with a unique and authentic approach. They prefer natural images that capture their true selves, without any awkward or cliché photos. In addition, they desire transparent pricing that is easy to understand without any complicated packages. Hence, the name Always Candid.

You have a six and an eight hour day option, what do you recommend?

The six-hour rate is great if you are having a small wedding. I’ve done a lot of smaller weddings. Six hours is sufficient to cover couple portraits, family portraits, the ceremony, and some of the reception. If you are having a medium to large size wedding, you may want the full eight-hour day.

We are trying to decide if we should have a first look before the ceremony, what do you recommend?

I always highly recommend doing the first look and all the photos before the ceremony. I suggest this for a number of reasons. Your makeup and hair are fresh, making it a great time to get all the photos done and out of the way. When you walk down the aisle, you will be done with posed photos. Your wedding begins, and you can just be. When you have your first kiss as a couple, you can run off, drink, and celebrate without having to gather all your people for photos. You can coast through the rest of the day.

How much time do we need for portraits and family photos?

Allocate thirty minutes for the couple alone, another 30 minutes for the bridal party, followed by 30 minutes for family photos, and include a 30-minute grace period. This way, you won't feel rushed, and you can be more relaxed as you head to your ceremony. Make sure to plan enough time, especially if you have a large family and intend to capture various portrait combinations.

For outdoor photos, it's a good idea to have a backup plan in case of rain. Also, consider the sunlight. The best light for portraits is in the shade on a sunny day, and an overcast day is perfect for photos. Make sure to wrap up all photos at least half an hour before sunset. Plan the schedule accordingly so you have enough daylight to capture everything you want. Remember, the sun sets early in the fall and winter months, so plan to do photos earlier in the day (like before 4 pm) during those months.

Do you prefer using natural light, or do you bring additional lighting equipment?

I enjoy capturing images that emulate natural light. I always come prepared with various lights, including strobes and LEDs. I use them only when necessary. During the getting ready and ceremony phases, I strive to rely on natural light to capture the ambient atmosphere. When shooting portraits indoors, I opt for studio strobes paired with softboxes or umbrellas. As for the reception, where everything is dynamic and spontaneous, I alternate between using strobes and natural light to convey the essence of being present in those moments.

Can we get all the photos done in less than one hour?

A lot of that depends on how big your families are and all the combinations we'll have to do with the two of you and them, as well as the number of groomsmen and bridesmaids. It can be done. If you want to walk around and take advantage of the grounds (and different spots at your venue) and get more creative with the photos, then one hour is sort of tight for time. However, for small weddings with just the two of you and if you have small families, an hour is more than enough.

I'm not photogenic. What can I do to get better photos?

Having had worked with countless celebrities in the past, one thing I can say for sure is that they don't look any different than most of us. Celebrities have a lot of experience in front of the camera. As we spend more time in front of the camera and seeing the results, we learn what works and what doesn't. My advice is to have more photos taken on a regular basis. Much like learning a new language, you will feel shy at first, but eventually, you get the hang of it. An engagement photoshoot also helps with this. It allows the couple and the photographer to establish a relationship and figuring out what works. But even that, it's just one hour or two. So please do some practice of your own. Practice, practice, practice. A lot of times I wish we could do two or three photoshoots before your wedding. I'm open to the idea if you are.

What information will you need from us before the wedding day?

I try to get to know my subjects. Before your wedding, I will meet with you to go over as many details as possible—everything from family members and important friends to going over the day's schedule. If needed, and if the schedule allows, I can visit the venue with you a few weeks before your wedding. This is an excellent opportunity to go over all the logistics within the location(s).

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do. Many venues will refuse to allow any wedding photographer in the door without liability insurance.

How many weddings have you photographed?

In the last ten years, I’ve photographed at least 200 weddings. The majority of these events were captured during my tenure at a New York City-based photography studio specializing in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area. Since relocating to the New York Capital Region in 2020, I have been booking more weddings under my own brand, Always Candid Photos.

Do you bring backup equipment?

I was trained to over-prepare. I bring at least two camera bodies, six prime lenses, two zoom lenses, several camera strobes, studio strobes, tripod, light stands, and softboxes. I keep some of this in the trunk of my car just in case. But there is one camera bag and a lighting bag that I bring into the venue with me. If you are into photography and have more tech questions, just ask, and we can talk about equipment and lighting forever (and ever). In the past, I’ve shot with Hasselblad and Canon EOS. Currently, I shoot with Sony A7IV and Godox strobes. I own two late-model, All-Wheel-Drive Subarus, so I am ready to go in any weather.

Will you do any edits or retouching?

Our post-processing includes color correction and some mild retouching, while maintaining a natural look. Should you require further retouching, you can select specific images at a later time rather than having us retouch every single image delivered.

When editing, do you use any filters or presets?

Over the years, I’ve seen various trends for different presets and filters. Like flat muted colors or a simulated old film stock look. I prefer a more natural and realistic appearance. I think it’s important to show the true colors of the flowers, the dresses, the suits, table settings as they were and not mute or erase them by distorting the tones. For a dramatic look, I opt for black and white, staying within the tradition of timeless photography.

How are photos delivered?

All final edited images are distributed through an online gallery. All photos can be downloaded in high resolution. Prints, albums and other products can be ordered directly through this gallery or you can print your own images after downloading them.

How many photos will I get ?

The number of photos you receive depends on the number of hours and photographers hired, usually ranging between 600 to 900 photos. We typically deliver around 100 photos per hour covered.

Will I get the rights to reproduce my wedding photos?

Yes, once you have the files, you are free to make enlargements, posters, albums as you desire. All of these details will be included in your contract agreement.

How many hours, including editing, do you spend on each wedding?

For a full day's event, there's an average of four hours of preparation before your event, eight to ten hours of actual coverage on the wedding day, and at least twelve hours of editing. I'd estimate 25 to 30 hours per wedding.

Who is the Always Candid Team?

I am the owner and chief photographer. I will be your photographer on your wedding day. I often work weddings alone. Sometimes with a second shooter. Additionally, I have in-office assistance and editor who aids in the post-production process.

Do you offer album making and design?

The gallery I provide also enables you to order prints and create your own albums. Additionally, you can download the high-resolution photo files and use any print and album maker of your choice. Printing and album creation have become very convenient through numerous online websites like and Clients, along with their friends and family, can craft their own budget softcover albums or elegant hardcover and leather-bound albums. Once you receive your photos, your options are endless.