I'm a New York based photographer. I grew up in New York City, immersed in the diversity of music and lifestyles of the 1990s music scene. I discovered my passion for photography when I took an intro to photography class (my freshman year in college). Photography transported me, allowing me the opportunity to meet people and explore places with just a metal and glass passport, my camera. The following semester, I changed my major to Photojournalism. Soon after graduation, I pursued my passion for music and started shooting artists and musicians for clients like SONY Music, Atlantic Records, and The New York Times.

When I had the opportunity to photograph my first wedding, I fell in love with the process. In weddings, I found something new - the gathering of many generations to celebrate a fusion of not just two people, but of their family and friends. I love documenting these moments for future generations to see and enjoy. I also have a love for capturing the diversity of people, places, rituals, and cultures. 

After many years of working in corporate and commercial photography in NYC and photographing hundreds of weddings in the NY/NJ/CT area, my wife and I took a break for a few months in the Spring/Summer (pandemic) of 2020. Remember those days? It was during this time that we drove up the Northway and stopped in Saratoga Springs, NY. We looked around, liked what we saw, unpacked our trunks and created a new home for our family. Ok yes, we had visited many times before.

I am excited to meet new clients and explore new subjects in our new home turf. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries or comments. 

Starting from our first contact (email or phone call), you can be direct about your ideas and needs. As we continue to communicate openly during the approach to your wedding date, I can learn more about you as a couple, creating a clear understanding of your vision and objectives. On the day of your wedding, everyone can be themselves: sincere, spontaneous, and always candid.

Best wishes,

Samuel L.

Chief Photographer

Always Candid Photos